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Hello  beautiful people ! And HAPPY NEW YEAR !!   Welcome to my Blog ..   2016 Was a year to remember I had a lot of bad and g...

Hello beautiful people ! And HAPPY NEW YEAR !!
  Welcome to my Blog ..

2016 Was a year to remember I had a lot of bad and good experience in it ,‏ I learned about different stuff , and I was a big believer in this quote (you never know till you try ) ! This year passed really fast .. and I'm really proud to say that I am a different person this year ..
 I hope you had an amazing 2016 , and wish you all the best in to 2017 .
 and in this post I'm going to share with you the products that I discovered and been loving this last year , hope you enjoy it ! 

This is my second bottle of this amazing scrub and face cleanser when I first start using this cleanser I thought  it was really weird the texture,  the colour ! ‏ so I got only the sample size because the lady was telling me about how much she loved it , and I give it a try,  I tried it for one week and I've become obsessed with it I got the full size , it's made of avocado and black charcoal .

I was trying to find a really nice and not that expensive perfume because I get bored easily from the same smell .. and I discovered those Zara'z small perfumes and they are amazing they smell good and they're not that big ,and I've been using the Musk and the Rose one .. they smell absolutely nice , fresh  and not that strong. 

I think I mentioned this lipstick in another old  post,  but I really really really like it it's the perfect shade of pink and it's Matt and it goes perfectly with my skin tone. 

 everyone was talking about this concealer how amazing it is and how it's covered your dark circles , and it's one of my favorites concealer ever and I think I'm gonna get me another one , cause it do the job really well.. and sometimes if you don't feel like putting a foundation this will do the job of covering Your dark spots and all . 

Now if you ask me what was my best purchase ever of 2016 was. ? It's going to be this Tom Ford lipstick,  This lipstick was in my list for a very long time and I finally got my hand on it , I literally love everything about this lipstick the package the colour, texture everything !! 

I was looking for a good lip tint and I tried this lush lip tented thing and it is beautiful it's gives a little bit of color and it smells absolutely nice. 

Feels  like the one time I use a lot of hand Cream it is in winter season,  my hand gets really dry ‏ and I absolutely hate that feeling i found this crisp morning air cream from Bath and Bodyworks and it is so good it , if warm mornings had a smell it would definitely smells like this .. 

The Reason why I like this product is because I am always butting an eye make up only almost every day , and it's doing the job of removing only the eye make up and you don't have to use a make up wipes to remove only your eye make up .. how many time i said " eye makeup " Hhhhh!  

I've been obsessed with this self tanning towel thing it's really easy to use and you can see that instant result , looks like a make up remover but it's actually a self tanning towels you just take one towel and rubbed it all over your body and you wait for 20 to 30 minutes and you will look like were sitting under the sun the last tow weeks LOL ! 

  Randoms ! 

Books ! 

Patches and pins !

- For more songs,i am on Spotify (Bashair Bubshait ) ! 

Thanks for reading ! and i hope you liked  
the post!  



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